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Hi! I'm Claire, 

it's great to meet you!

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I'm originally from Reading, England.  I moved to the United States in 2012, after marrying, my husband Travis.  From marriage, I gained two wonderful step-daughters.  I'm also a fur-baby mom to our four dogs and two cats.  

I grew up in a family where the mystic and spiritual side of life was always embraced.  My Mum loved astrology and every day before I went to school, we would wait for our day's fate read by the legendary astrologer, Russell Grant, on morning television. Dad found an astrologer and had my chart done for me when I was about 15 years old! 

Following the love of astrology, I quickly became fascinated with numerology and the art of tarot reading.   I love the fact that all three mediums are intrinsically linked.  This grants me to have a great deal of scope and information to help my clients.

Ever since I can remember, I've helped people with advice on all sorts of topics; relationships, family, work, friends, as well as some very personal hard-hitting situations.  I've had friends, family, colleagues, and strangers regularly open up to me.  I am honored and humbled that so many people feel comfortable confiding information in me.  Our innermost concerns and worries are hard to speak of but knowing that they're in a safe zone and will not be judged no matter the situation, I hope helps my clients' feel relaxed during our sessions.


I am here for you. 


Claire xo

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Why Tarot?

When I was 17 years old, a friend took me to my first tarot reading.  I can remember how nervous I was sitting in the reader's house shuffling the cards, concentrating on what I wanted to know. 


Then I dropped the seemingly HUGE cards all over the floor.  How embarrassing!  I grappled around picked them all up thinking, 'well that's one way to shuffle,' and put them back into a pile.

That reading was amazing The lady picked up so much based on randomly placed cards, that I was completely hooked. 

Tarot wasn't all that accessible back then, and I didn't really know how to pursue it.  This was way before we had the magic of the internet.

Fortune Telling Cards

Since that reading over 30 years ago, I continued consulting the cards, and other tarot readers, to help me with the different trials and tribulations I was encountering in my life.  

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A few short years ago I decided to finally follow my passion and natural abilities by helping others. 

I have taken some time to gain knowledge and invested in training courses specifically on how to help and read the tarot for others.

I have been lucky enough to be trained by world-renowned tarot readers and psychics who have inspired me and confirmed my desire to be on this journey. 

I look forward to serving you.

with love,

Claire xo

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